Useful apps for teaching music

At our recent Music coordinators meeting we explored some apps you might like to try in the classroom. If you click on the app name it will give you further information.

1. VRP7
This is no shortage of ways to record on your phone but this is my favourite because it is so easy to edit, convert files and share the clips.

I used this app to record us singing “People get Ready” on my phone.

2. Acappela
This is a video app that lets you record in parts and then layer them up. it is really good for getting children to add layers to their work – for example beatboxing, body percussion or adding harmonies. There are some great features on the video – such as turning the children into cartoons.

Here is a very rough and ready example to give you an idea

4.Steve Reich’s Clapping Music – fiendishly hard but some kids love the challenge

5. 4’33’
Homage to John Cage. No two performances are ever alike

6. Magisto
My favourite video app at the moment. I love it because it lets you use your own music tracks.

Finally here is a video of Sarah teaching us how to do the cup song. Thank you Sarah for being so patient with us!

Thanks to everyone who came along.

Our Thanks to John Mander


MMF has a long and proud history of being at the forefront of best practice in music education. Our reputation has grown, not by accident, but because of the vision of one man, John Mander. John set up and has led MMF since 1991. His drive and commitment has enabled us to grow and flourish for the benefit of the children and young people we serve across the borough.

John was able to attract other teachers and musicians to join him who shared his passion and values and they, in turn, have helped him shape our musical journey. Many parents down the years have entrusted their children to our care and the MMF family has grown generational roots way beyond Merton. Each young person will have carried something special from their time spent at MMF in to their adult lives – a love of music, friends and wonderful memories of concerts and tours. That, for us as educators, is the inspiration for the work we do. Music-making sits at the heart of MMF and we thank all the past and present members of Music Centre bands for the gift of music that we have all shared.

As John steps away and retires from MMF at the end of term it is a moment to reflect on what has been achieved, celebrate it and then look to the future. John’s greatest gift of all is the legacy of a thriving, outward looking organisation that is not afraid of change and is committed to our aspirations and values. We will, of course miss him and goodbyes are always difficult, but we are fortunate to have been colleagues of this inspiring man and to have been able to share in his determination and vision for music-making in Merton. And that will not change.

From us all at Team MMF,

Programmes Director
Merton Music Foundation

Please join us to celebrate John Mander’s retirement

myjomjf2009_088In 1991 John Mander set up Merton Music Foundation. Without John we would have no music service in the borough.His tenacity in the face of adversity kept the service running. With John’s guidance and support MMF has developed and grown over the past 25 years.

If you are a past or present member of MMF or a music teacher in the borough then please come and join us on Mon 21st March, 5 -7pm in the Main Hall in Chaucer Centre.

Please RSVP to

Music teachers CPD and song writing resources

CPD Be Creative

We had a great session yesterday led by the very talented Be Creative team.

Click on the link below to hear the song we “speed” wrote!

Be Creative CPD for MMF

We are very lucky to have such a talented team in our area producing such creative and high quality work in schools. If you do work alongside Be Creative be sure to share your recordings with us so we can feature them in our blog.

Inspired to get song writing?

Follow Pete Churchill’s song writing tips below. We are sure you will recognise a few faces! Pete worked alongside MMF to create these fabulous resources to get you started. There are 5 steps to follow and the videos are perfect to use in your lessons with key stage 2 classes.

A song for refugees by Katie Teage

“Where can we go” was written by teacher and choir leader Katie Teage. She has kindly agreed to share it with Merton schools.

Click below to download the resources you need.


The lyrics are here: where-can-we-go2

The vocal and piano score here: where-can-we-go3

Thank you Katie for sharing and good luck with your fundraising!

Rhythm Relay!

We are getting good reports about the rhythm relay workshops as Adam, Soo, Ed, Flavio and Caroline work their way around some of the boroughs schools.

Here are Ed and Flavio demonstrating the routine for you!

If you click on the links below you can download some useful resources we used.

Go Flavio RAH Rhythm Relay Piece


Clap Your Hands Lyrics Grid

Merton’s Mayor has a real treat in store!!!

Now does anyone fancy having a go at this?!?