Backstories – Royal Albert Hall 21 April 2015

Welcome to the Backstories Intergenerational Project 2014-15!
This page contains the most up to date information and music for music coordinators, class teachers, children and parents who will be taking part in our concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

March Update

Below are the most up to date tracks you should be using. You will have received an email link to these tracks before half term, but we are putting them up here so you will always be able to find them!

Born to Wonder (all parts)

Born to Wonder (piano)

[gview file=””]

Gather and Sing (all parts)

Gather and Sing (piano)

[gview file=””]

I feel Invisible (all parts)

I feel Invisible (piano)

[gview file=””]

I Have a Story to Tell (all parts)

I Have a Story to Tell (piano)

[gview file=””]

Living Life in the Motherhood (all parts)

Living life in the Motherhood (piano)

[gview file=””]

More than you can see (all parts)

More than you can see (piano)

More than You can see score to follow soon!

Somethings got to Change (all parts)

Somethings got to Change (piano)

Somethings got to Change score to follow soon!

Treasure Trove (all parts)

Treasure Trove (piano)

[gview file=””]

1. Seating plan

so you can see where you are going to be sitting.

[gview file=””]

2. T shirts.

Here is the link to the company who will supply you with the t shirts your singers will need. Don’t leave it too late! Please check which colour your school have been allocated. It will be either Irish Green or purple.

3. Tickets on sale from Monday 2nd Feb

Tickets are on sale from the Royal Albert Hall Box office Tel 020 7589 8212. It is worth noting that you can save up to £3.00 per ticket if you are able to buy the tickets in person from the Royal Albert Hall. We are expecting it to sell out so please encourage your parents to buy them sooner rather than later!

Here are resources to help you learn and revise Pete Churchill’s ‘Dig Deep’. You will all learn the main melody line ( soprano) but some of you might also want to learn the lower alto harmony too, so your group sings in 2 parts. There is a full score ( in 4 parts, with the sop and alto lines included), a ‘lead sheet’ for the melody with piano accompaniment, a full performance track, backing track and a version where either Sop or Alto line is slightly easier to hear in the ‘mix’. It’s a fab song – enjoy!!

1. Here is the full performance track

2. Here is the backing track, with piano and rhythm section

3. In this version , the soprano line is clearest in the mix

4. In this version the alto part is clearest in the mix

5. Here are the scores:



6. Here are 2 more Dig deep tracks, first with the TENOR line clearest, then with the BASS more prominent.

Here is the Sailors Song

Here is an overview of the Backstories schedule

[gview file=””]

If you look at the bottom of this page there is a share button. It gives you the option of printing this out or emailing it on. You can also click on the docs above if you want to download them.

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