Useful websites

The BBC have pulled together lots of useful resources you can use for both Key Stage 1 and 2.


Sing Up

As well as being a fantastic library of songs, Sing up are now developing lesson plans that will help you get more out of the songs you may already use. Worth checking out their website for the free twilight webinars they run so you can get free CPD without leacving your classroom!

Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)
The ISM have prepared some fantastic resources for schools on progression and assessment in music. Their website is really worth a look. Lots of thought provoking ideas and practical suggestions.

Musical Futures
This is a great resource for warm ups and lesson ideas using contemporary music. Although it has a bit of a secondary feel to it the resources are ideal for key stage 2. Some wonderful ideas for transition projects

London Early Years Music practitioners.
A network of outstanding early years practitioners. Well worth a look to get ideas and to read the latest research

Midnight Music
This is an Australian website that has lots of materials for secondary schools but don’t be put off.There are a lot of fee materials that would be great to use in primary. Lots of ideas for using iPads, access to copyright free music and ideas for making sound tracks for films. Definitely worth a look.

World Music Network
This is a remarkable collection of music from around the globe. Everything from South African Jazz to music from Cambodia.

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