Sing Outside!

sing outside

Having fun with singing games.

This project was developed by Caroline Segolo and is part of our vocal strategy. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the resources that support this project.

Getting Started

How do I introduce Sing Outside to my school?

• Whole school assembly
• Newsletter to parents
• Staff meeting – get the HT and staff involved by introducing the programme by singing some of the songs
• Key Stage song practices – warm up with some of the songs
• Invite children in Key Stage 2 to become your Singing Leaders

What do I do when I meet my Singing Leaders team?

• Discuss what a Singing Leader is. What are their responsibilities?
• Invite mid-day meal supervisors who might like to get involved with your Singing Leaders and support them in the playground teaching some of the songs
• Decide on a song to teach each week – Sing Up website has lots of resources for you to keep up to date and inspired
• Decide on the year group your team would like to teach and when. We found that Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 were ideal as singing is an important part of their routine. Also the older children like to help teach the younger children. But it depends on your own school.
• Keep a folder with copies of agenda notes and songs
• AOB – The children will have lots of ideas and need time to talk and share what they like, what went well etc.

How do the children know where to meet and who the Singing Leaders are?

• Display photographs of the Sing Outside team leaders with their names. Add speech bubbles explaining why they became a Sing Outside team leader etc.
• Buy a ‘Singing’ stop, from MES where children can meet to share songs
• Design your own Sing Outside school badges
• Hold competitions for posters – Singing is Good for You/ Come and Join the Sing Outside Team etc.
• Singing Leaders produce a leaflet/newsletter letting people know how they are getting on and what they enjoy

How do I keep my team motivated?

• Make a class Song Bag where the Singing Leaders can choose a song to teach with their class.
• Design your own certificates – one for KS2/KS1 and Early Years.
• Hold a Sing Outside Day once a year and invite the whole school to mix up Key Stages and join in playground games for one morning break.
• Link up with a partner school – invite the Sing Outside team of your partner school for a morning playtime to come and join your team and teach songs and games together.
• Come and join the ‘Big Sing in the Park’ yearly event where different schools meet and celebrate singing
• Sing Outside workshops for parents and visitors. Invite parents, visitors or guests to a morning playtime where the children can show them what they do. This could provide an opportunity for different communities to share cultural songs and games linked to curriculum weeks or heritage/celebration weeks.
• Video or photograph them teaching the songs if you can.

Resources for Sing Outside

List of playground singing games

Visit our “songs and audio clips page” to listen to songs arranged by year group to get further ideas.

PDFs of the songs.

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