Useful apps for teaching music

At our recent Music coordinators meeting we explored some apps you might like to try in the classroom. If you click on the app name it will give you further information.

1. VRP7
This is no shortage of ways to record on your phone but this is my favourite because it is so easy to edit, convert files and share the clips.

I used this app to record us singing “People get Ready” on my phone.

2. Acappela
This is a video app that lets you record in parts and then layer them up. it is really good for getting children to add layers to their work – for example beatboxing, body percussion or adding harmonies. There are some great features on the video – such as turning the children into cartoons.

Here is a very rough and ready example to give you an idea

4.Steve Reich’s Clapping Music – fiendishly hard but some kids love the challenge

5. 4’33’
Homage to John Cage. No two performances are ever alike

6. Magisto
My favourite video app at the moment. I love it because it lets you use your own music tracks.

Finally here is a video of Sarah teaching us how to do the cup song. Thank you Sarah for being so patient with us!

Thanks to everyone who came along.